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Wabash Middle School CC Defeats RJ Baskett


The Wabash Middle School cross country team defeated RJ Baskett Tuesday.

First for the girls team was Raegan Jones, coming in 2nd and tying her PR of 13:59. Next game 6th grader, Chloe Cooper, with her personal best time of 14:37 and taking 7th place. Coming in next for the team was Rinka Higuera, a 6th grader, in 8th place over all and running her PR of the season with a 14:38. Following was 6th grader, Mia Fairchild, with a PR time of 15:53 in 11th place. Bridget Bailey, a 7th grader, coming in close behind with a time of 15:59 and taking 12th place overall. An 8th grader, Ivy Beamer, with a time of 16:10 and taking home 13th place. Next up was Caitlyn Shidler, a 5th grader, with a time of 16:31 PR time and taking 14th place. Behind Shidler was 7th grader Ava Bishir with a time of 16:53 and taking 15th place. Audri Shidler (6th grader) followed in with 16:53 and carried away with 16th place overall while meeting her goal and PR of the season. Following extremely close behind Audri was 7th grader Maya Howard with a time of 16:54 and taking 17th place. Finishing up the team score was Olivia Shelton, an 8th grader, with a PR time of 21:25 and bringing home 22nd.

In their first home meet of the season the Apaches beat Peru and RJ Baskett. The top 7 for the Apaches were: Chase Howard who finished 1st, Bobby Shull 2nd, Jace Bullins 4th, Drew Guenin-Hodson 5th, Isaiah Cordes 6th, Jonas Church 7th, and Coleson Kugler 8th. In all Wabash took 10 of the first 11 places and 15 of the first 20. The boys return to action Saturday at West Noble where they face their toughest competition of the season so far.

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