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Wabash CC At West Noble


The Wabash high school and junior high cross country teams ran in the West Noble Invite Saturday.

The girls junior high team finished 23rd. First for the varsity team race was Raegan Jones, coming in 83rd setting a new PR and beating her goal with a 13:29. Coming in next for the team was Rinka Higuera, a 6th grader, in 123rd place over all and running her PR of the season with a 14:13. Next up was 6th grader, Chloe Cooper, with her personal best time of 14:29 and taking 134th place. Bridget Bailey, a 7th grader, followed in with her new PR of 14:39 and taking 142nd place overall. Next came new comer Mallory Tart off of an ankle injury with a new career PR of 15:11. Coming in fast was 8th grader, Ivy Beamer, with her new PR of 15:22 and taking 161st place. Rounding out the team in the first race was 6th grader, Mia Fairchild, with a PR time of 15:37 in 166th place. With 192 runners in the first race.

The Wabash Middle School boys cross country team finished 4th out of 27 teams. Competing against schools from Fort Wayne and other areas of the northeast part of the state, the Apaches were ready for a challenge. In a field of 199 runners Chase Howard finished 13th, Bobby Shull 22nd, Drew Guenin-Hodson 30th, Jonas Church 33rd, Chase Howard 34th, Coleson Kugler 80th, and Isaiah Cordes 93rd.

In the JV race the Apaches finished 3rd. In the field of 133 runners Ezra Church finished 10th, Kamden Oswalt 11th, Kasen Oswalt 12th, Jay French 40th, Braxten Lakin 46th, Raven Weaver 70th, and Maverick Sommers 107th.

Racing with 226 athletes, freshman Calisen Kugler, finishing her race by setting a new season PR of 25:05 while taking 169th place over all. Senior, Sierra Hall, finished next for the team with a time of 27:58 and coming in 206th. Finishing the trio with a new season PR of 30:40 was Grace La Mar while taking home 219th place.

The Wabash boys varsity cross country team traveled to West Noble Saturday morning finishing 6th out of 26 teams.

Zack Reed finished 12th, Jarrett Wilson 17th, Dave Ford 22nd, Troy Guenin-Hodson 60th, Kaden Vogel 61st, Caelan McDougle 70th and Trevor Daughtry 86th. There were 184 runners in the field.

In the JV race Nick Perkins finished 25th, Lincoln Saldivar 35th, Sammy Smith 46th, Eli Callahan 48th, Braydon French 53rd, and Ethan Berry 58th.

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