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Lady Norse Sweep Squires


The Northfield lady Norse took the short trip to Manchester Tuesday, defeating the Squires 25-22, 25-13, 25-17.

#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
2Kyra Kennedy (Sr)3113.750.0224.318
6Josie Lynn (Fr)310.325.041.000
20E. Gottschalk (Sr)300.0.010.000
21Kearston Stout (Sr)341.323.5171.176
22Kenzie Baer (Sr)320.713.3152.000
25Abigail Hunter (Sr)382.7100.0801.000
30Addi Baker (Sr)3113.750.0225.273
Team Totals33712.341.68913.270
#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
3Allison Zartman (Sr)393.040.9222.318
4Olivia Auler (Jr)310.312.583-.250
5Ali Sites (Sr)300.0.010.000
7Blake Drasny (Jr)341.336.4111.273
9Kendra Kline (Sr)300.0.081-.125
10Zoey Ream (Sr)300.0.020.000
11C. Ondrla (Sr)300.0.060.000
12Paxton Baker (Fr)300.0.020.000
13Aubree Lambert (Sr)331.033.393.000
14Makenna Rickert (Jr)100.0.032-.667
16Makenzy Meyer (Jr)351.727.8182.167
Team Totals3227.324.49014.089
#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
2Kyra Kennedy (Sr)31424.7
6Josie Lynn (Fr)3110.3
20E. Gottschalk (Sr)31214.0
21Kearston Stout (Sr)3903.0
22Kenzie Baer (Sr)3852.7
25Abigail Hunter (Sr)31033.3
30Addi Baker (Sr)3602.0
Team Totals3601220.0
#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
3Allison Zartman (Sr)3200.7
4Olivia Auler (Jr)3200.7
5Ali Sites (Sr)3622.0
7Blake Drasny (Jr)3110.3
9Kendra Kline (Sr)3531.7
10Zoey Ream (Sr)3612.0
11C. Ondrla (Sr)3953.0
12Paxton Baker (Fr)3411.3
13Aubree Lambert (Sr)3110.3
14Makenna Rickert (Jr)1000.0
16Makenzy Meyer (Jr)3000.0
Team Totals3361412.0

Northfield won the junior varsity contest 25-13, 25-15.

No stats from Northfield have been received

Aliala Atienza- 1 kill, 13 digs, 2 assists, 3 aces
Lauren Barrett- 4 digs
Olivia Neal- 1 dig, 3 assists, 1 ace
Aliyah Nichols- No Stats
Trinity Akins- 3 digs, 1 assist
Kaidyn Howard- 2 kills, 2 digs, 3 assists
Leyna Borgmann- 1 kill
Gracie Lauer- 1 kill
Olivia Davis- 3 kills, 1 dig
Ava Egolf- 1 kill
McKelvey Espeset- 4 kills

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