Southwood Boys Win Taylor Invite

The Southwood boys track team won the Taylor Invite while the girls finished third Friday.

The boys track team competed in the Titon Relays at Taylor High School Friday evening. They were able to put together a great performance and walked away with the team championship.

1st Place Finishes:
DMR (1200,400,800,1600)- Jacob Marlow, Randy Boone, Casey Boardman, Braden Sweet 11:55.31
Co-Ed 4×200- Maggie Ball, Elijah Sutton, Marissa Metzger, Alix Winer 1:46.06
SMR (300,100,200,200)- Randy Boone, Elijah Sutton, Dawson Filip, Alix Winer 1:40.82
4×400- Casey Boardman, Randy Boone, Braden Sweet, Alix Winer 3:39.43 (Personal Best)
High Jump- Dawson Filip, Isaiah Sutton, Issac King- combined height 15’4″ (Isaiah Sutton individual personal best 5’4″)
Long Jump- Isaiah Sutton, Elijah Sutton, Dawson Filip- combined height 56′ 7.5″ (Isaiah Sutton individual person best 19′ 10.5″)

2nd Place Finishes:
4×100- Elijah Sutton, Isaiah Sutton, Tommy Charles, Alix Winer- 46.72 (Personal Best)
4×800- Casey Boardman, Landon Mitchell, Jacob Marlow, Braden Sweet- 9:21.51 (Personal Best)
Shuttle Hurdle- Jacob Marlow, Zeb Herring, Devin Danzy, Dawson Filip 1:11.69

Third Place Finishes:
Discus- Tommy Charles, Zak Sarll, Nevan Sharp combined distance 311’2″ (Nevan Sharp individual person best 107’2″)
Shot Put- Tommy Charles, Zak Sarll, Issac King combined distance 105′ 9″

1st Place Finishes:
Co-Ed 4×200- Maggie Ball, Elijah Sutton, Marissa Metzger, Alix Winer 1:46.06

2nd Place Finishes:
4×100- Carrie Collins, Alaina Winer, Natalie Haycraft, Maggie Ball 55.5 (Personal Best)
Shuttle Hurdle- Natalie Haycraft, Amelia Sweet, Carrie Collins, Maggie Ball 1:18.42
4×400- Aleia Sweet, Carrie Collins, Alaina Winer, Marissa Metzger 4:42.8 (Personal Best)
High Jump- Maggie Ball, Marissa Metzger, Aleia Sweet combined height 14′

3rd Place Finishes:
DMR (1200, 400, 800, 1600)- Amelia Sweet, Marissa Metzger, Aleia Sweet, Mya Denney 15:19.65
4×800- Natalie Haycraft, Amelia Sweet, Mya Denney, Aleia Sweet 11:56.6

5th Place Finishes:
SMR (300,100,200,200)- Amelia Sweet, Bailey Wyatt, Alaina Winer, Mya Denney 2:13.66

6th Place Finishes:
Long Jump- Carrie Collins, Natalie Haycraft, Alaina Winer combined distance 38′ 11″ (Alaina Winer individual person best 13’5″)
Discus- Bailey Wyatt, Megan Davis combined distance 150’6″

7th Place Finishes:
Shot Put- Bailey Wyatt, Megan Davis combined distance 50′ 5.5″