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Wabash Pitching Stop Manchester


Wabash pitching held Manchester to just two hits in a 7-1 win over the Squires Monday.

1Jasper Walter4322200001000
3Jared Brooks4300000021000
6Andrew Dillon3322200011000
8Colton Learned4400000000011
9Chayden Beeks3312010020000
10Brayden Sickafus1100000000011
11Justin Booth3311100002000
15Joseph Leland4411100001010
20Trevor Daughtry2212010011010
25Blake Smith3300000000011
6Andrew Dillon6.01000024611
15Joseph Leland1.00000000100
1Thaddeus Baker3200000000100
2Blake Pohler3211100000100
3Justin Hall3200000000110
7Carter Bedke3300000000010
8Garrett Sites3311100001010
13Peyton Addair0000000000000
22Evan Martinowicz3300000000000
26Darson Bradley3300000000030
34Anthony Foust3200000000100
41Luke Ramer3300000000011
22Evan Martinowicz1.00000000100
34Anthony Foust6.01000080474
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