Wabash Tennis Improves At Logansport

The Wabash tennis team played in the Logansport Invite Saturday.

On a hot Saturday, WHS Tennis fought the weather and some strong competition at the Logansport Invite. The team played better as the temps went up, finishing with its best performance in meet 3 against Rensselaer. Wabash mixed up the lineup a bit to give our young athletes a chance to play and learn in a new position.

Competing for Wabash was as follows:

Nicholas Ewing 0-2 at 1 singles, 0-1 at 1 doubles.

Kaemon Burton 0-2 at 2 singles, 0-1 at 1 singles

Drake Sparling 0-2 at 3 singles, 0-1 at 1 doubles

Dominic Baker 0-2 at 1 dubs, 0-1 at 2 singles

Ashton Coffman 0-2 at 1 doubles, 0-1 at two doubles

Greyson Harner. 0-2 at 2 doubles, 0-1 at 3 singles

Colton Sellers. 0-3 at 2 doubles.