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Northfield JH Girls Fourth


The Northfi9eld JH girls cross country team finished fourth at the Eastern conditioner Thursday.

This event was not your normal cross country race; it was a Hokum Karem. In this race the runners are paired up with a teammate. One runner runs an 800 meter loop and then comes back and tags her teammate who then runs a different 800 meter loop. Each runner runs 3 times with their total time determining their finish position. The top 3 pairs times are totaled to score a team. A 4th pair will be the tie breaker if needed. It’s an exciting event and poses a new kind of challenge for the runners.

Laney Haupert and Kaleigh Rice finished 2nd overall earning trophies for their efforts. Teagan Baer and Ali Copeland were paired together and Amarah Bowers and Keira Oswalt were paired together. The 3 groups combined to finish 4th as a team. There were 8 schools at the race but only 4 were able to field a complete team.

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