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Lady Apaches Sweep Whitko


The Wabash volleyball team swept Whitko 25-18, 25-14, 25-21 Tuesday.


#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
3Emma Tracy320.733.361.167
9B. Westendorf (Sr)351.755.693.222
10Faryn Morris (Jr)3124.052.2233.391
13I. Vander velden (Fr)362.075.081.625
15Jade Stumbo (Jr)362.040.0156.000
17Elena Olalla (Jr)300.0.021-.500
20Kasey Long341.350.081.375
23Sydney Sickafus (So)3
24Kendra Wiles3
Team Totals33511.749.37116.268


#Athlete NameSPAA/SAce %SASEServ%
3Emma Tracy320.715.413376.9
9B. Westendorf (Sr)3
10Faryn Morris (Jr)300.0.06433.3
13I. Vander velden (Fr)3
15Jade Stumbo (Jr)341.323.5170100.0
17Elena Olalla (Jr)310.39.111190.9
20Kasey Long3
23Sydney Sickafus (So)310.311.19188.9
24Kendra Wiles310.38.312375.0
Team Totals393.013.2681282.4


#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
3Emma Tracy3501.7
9B. Westendorf (Sr)3100.3
10Faryn Morris (Jr)3521.7
13I. Vander velden (Fr)3
15Jade Stumbo (Jr)3511.7
17Elena Olalla (Jr)3822.7
20Kasey Long3
23Sydney Sickafus (So)31214.0
24Kendra Wiles3210.7
Team Totals338712.7

The Wabash junior varsity defeated Whitko 25-12, 25-12

Ella Hartley 7 service pts, 2 serve receptions and 6 digs
Janika Stumbo 6 service pts, an ace, 8 serve receptions and 11 digs
Anna Simpson 6 service pts, 3 aces, 15 assists, 3 kills, and 5 digs
Kierra Wilson 6 service pts, an assist, 2 kills, a block, 8 serve receptions and 4 digs
Olivia Harden 5 service pts, an ace, 2 serve receptions and 4 digs
Madison White 4 service pts, an ace, and 3 kills
Shaylee Jacobs 4 kills
Hiley Ward 7 kills
Kiara Carmichael 3 kills

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