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Manchester Tennis Hot In The Cold


The Manchester tennis team defeated Canterbury 4-1 before the weather canceled their second match against Mississinewa Saturday.

Manchester turned the bus around upon word of wet courts in Fort Wayne and a looming cancellation, then invited everyone to their courts to host two matches on Saturday. Point 1 was earned with a convincing performance by Delani Henderson and Carleigh Blevins at 1 doubles dropping only one game in the second set. Sarah Kerlin plotted her course to victory at one singles turning a 1-2 early deficit into 11 straight games won and a 6-2,6-0 score and second team win. Manchester locked up the team win when Addison Brubaker and Kate Schroll won 6-4,6-3 by finishing each set strong. The duo won 3 straight games to end set one and 4 out of 5 to take set two. The closest matches of the day came at 2 & 3 singles where Myla Crozier figured out a winning strategy after losing her opening set 4-6. Crozier stormed to a 6-0 second set with energy and showed poise in her 6-3 final set victory at 2 singles. Bethany Penrod had opportunities to win each set but fell just short losing 4-6,6-7(5-7). “This match revealed what our team did well and also what we will improve on in practice next week,” coach Eichenauer concluded.

1 Sarah Kerlin (11) vs. Kiran Kulkarni (12) Manchester 6-2, 6-0
2 Myla Crozier (9) vs. Sophia Wallstrom (12) Manchester 4-6,6-0,6-3
3 Bethany Penrod (9) vs. Teresa Diez (10Ex) Canterbury 4-6,6-7(5-7)
1 Delani Henderson (12) vs. Niki Babu (12) Manchester 6-0,6-1
Carleigh Blevins (11) Gabby Webster (12)
2 Addison Brubaker (10) vs. Lila Fredrick (10) Manchester 6-4, 6-3
Kate Schroll (9) Madelyn Herr (10)

After a short break, Manchester took the courts to face Mississinewa. Manchester quickly took the 1 doubles match as Delani Henderson & Carleigh Blevins continued their winning streak. And Sarah Kerlin put up a good battle against one of the best players in this region of the state. Manchester then won the opening sets at 2 & 3 singles as well as 2 doubles. Early into their second sets, the rain and ice began to fall and players were pulled off the courts. Manchester needed just 8 & 9 points to win the singles matches as they resumed play 45 minutes later. Unfortunately, after 15 more minutes of play, the wintry mix returned with even more moisture and play was suspended for the day. Penrod needed just one more game while Crozier dropped the set and was beginning set three. Brubaker & Krom were continuing their excellent play and beginning to control set two. Despite the abrupt ending, Manchester was pleased to salvage a day nearly canceled altogether.

1 Sarah Kerlin (11) vs. Madison Fuqua(12) Mississinewa 1-6,0-6
2 Myla Crozier (9) vs. Michaela Cook (10) tied (DNF) 6-4,4-6,0-0(30all)
3 Bethany Penrod (9) vs. Sophie Joseph (10) Man leading 6-2,5-3(15-30)
1 Delani Henderson (12) vs. Kiera Frantz (10) Manchester 6-1,6-1
Carleigh Blevins (11) Avery Wilson (10)
2 Addison Brubaker (10) vs. Camille Arbogast (12) Man leading 6-4,2-1(30-15)
Hailey Krom (11)
RESULT: DNF 1-1 w/ Manchester leading 2 & 1 tied
Exhibition Singles Match:
Kate Schroll (9) vs. Sofia Caciotti (12Ex) tied 9-9


Manchester JV Girls tennis came in 2nd place Saturday getting great opportunities to play against larger schools. Ava Baker, Arya Norton led the way in singles with a 2-1 record while the doubles duo of Katie Jenkins and Ella Bradley also posted a 2-1 record. Freshman Chase Blevins impressed by winning her 2 matches on the day at 3 singles. Sophie Anglin & Haley Betten went 1-1 at 2 doubles while Alexa Weaver & Maggie Onderko-White won their match at 2 doubles. Lexi Nichols was victorious in her 3 singles match. Coach Nikki Briner remarked, “Our team showed great effort and learned a lot today. The girls really had fun and improved.” Manchester JV record now stands at an impressive 8-1 mark.

JUNIOR VARSITY SINGLES vs. Concord Winner Score
1 Ava Baker (10) vs. Adrianna Brown Manchester 8-6
2 Ayra Norton (12) vs. Kaiya Newburn Manchester 8-6
3 Chase Blevins (9) vs. Sofia Gomez Manchester 8-1
1 Katie Jenkins (10) vs. Bella Allen Manchester 8-4
Ella Bradley (10) Lilly Newburn
2 Sophia Anglin (10) vs. Sarah Funston Concord 5-8
Haley Betten (10) Brynlee Borders
Result: Win 4-1
Record: 7-0 (3-0 TRC)

JUNIOR VARSITY SINGLES vs. Mishawaka Marian Winner Score
1 Ava Baker (10) vs. Lillian Meier Manchester 8-4
2 Arya Norton (12) vs. Braelyn Fackelman Manchester 8-2
3 Lexi Nichols (9) vs. Maggie Jacobs Manchester 8-1
1 Katie Jenkins (10) vs. Sammy Alejandre Manchester 8-0
Ella Bradley (10) Christine Reeves
2 Alexa Weaver (11) vs. Emily Arriaga Manchester 8-0
Maggie Onderko-White(9) Molly Morse
Result: Win 5-0
Record: 8-0 (3-0 TRC)

JUNIOR VARSITY SINGLES vs. Northwood Winner Score
1 Ava Baker (10) vs. Neleh Steiner (10) Northwood 3-8
2 Ayra Norton (12) vs. Aveson Evers (9) Northwood 2-8
3 Chase Blevins (9) vs. Elissa Horner (10) Manchester 8-7
1 Katie Jenkins (10) vs. Jenna Householter(11) Northwood 2-8
Ella Bradley (10) Maggie Steiner (10)
2 Sophia Anglin (10) vs. Sage Risser (11) Manchester 8-1
Haley Betten (10) Hannah Yoder (10)
Result: Loss 2-3
Record: 8-1 (3-0 TRC)

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