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Southwood JH Football Takes Two From Northfield


The Southwood junior high football teams took two games from Northfield Tuesday.

The Knights 7th grade defeated the Norse 34-18

1st Quarter: The game started with an opening defensive stop by Southwood, setting the stage for an impressive opening drive. #22, Dylan Hurst, took the handoff and dashed up the sideline for an electrifying 46-yard run, leading to Southwood’s first touchdown of the game. The 2-point conversion was no good. Southwood lead 6-0.

2nd Quarter: Southwood’s defense continued to shine in the second quarter, with #58 Zac Devore sacking the quarterback for a 3-yard loss. However, Northfield’s offense battled back, culminating in #43 for Northfield punching the ball in from three yards out for their first touchdown. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful, leaving the score tied at 6-6. Southwood’s next possession featured a standout play from Lucas Drown, who broke free for a remarkable 65-yard touchdown run. The Knights’ defense came up big again, allowing Southwood to regain possession with 57 seconds left in the half. Dylan Hurst rushed for 23 yards, setting up #40 Lucas Drown for a 30-yard touchdown run. The successful two-point conversion sent Southwood into halftime with a 20-6 lead.

3rd Quarter: Northfield’s defense made a key stop early in the third quarter, and their offense capitalized by driving down the field, with number 43 scoring another touchdown to narrow Southwood’s lead to 20-12. However, pinned deep in their own territory, Southwood responded swiftly. Lucas Drown took the handoff and sprinted 82 yards for a quick-answer touchdown. The successful two-point conversion extended Southwood’s lead to 28-12. On the ensuing kickoff, a well-placed kick by the Knights allowed Owen Davis to recover the ball, giving Southwood possession as they headed into the fourth quarter.

4th Quarter: Northfield’s offense fought back in the fourth quarter, with their quarterback, #16, running for a 16-yard touchdown on a quarterback keep. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful, bringing the score to 28-18. Southwood maintained their resilience, with #22 Dylan Hurst once again showcasing his skills with a 60-yard touchdown run. Although the two-point conversion didn’t connect, the Knights extended their lead to 34-18. Southwood’s defense sealed the game on Northfield’s final drive, as #16, Kameron Johnson, secured an interception with 50 seconds left. Southwood then ran out the clock, clinching a well-earned 34-18 victory over Northfield.


The Southwood 8th grade defeated Northfield 28-8

1st Quarter: The game began with a burst of energy as #30, Pancho Lopez, sprinted down the field on the opening kickoff and recovered a fumble, giving Southwood the ball and early momentum. On their opening drive, quarterback #15, Blake Henderson, kept the ball and dashed up the sideline for a 23-yard touchdown run, propelling Southwood to an early 6-0 lead. However, the two-point conversion attempt was unsuccessful, leaving the score at 6-0 in Southwood’s favor. Northfield mounted a response and drove the ball into the red zone, but #24, Kaden Valdez, halted their progress by recovering a fumble, putting an end to Northfield’s drive. Southwood then extended their lead as #30, Pancho Lopez, took the handoff and accelerated for a blazing 90-yard touchdown run. The successful two-point conversion further solidified Southwood’s lead at 14-0.

2nd Quarter: The second quarter turned into a defensive battle, with neither team able to score. Southwood had an opportunity to add points just before halftime, but a penalty nullified a potential touchdown, and the teams entered halftime with Southwood leading 14-0.

3rd Quarter: The third quarter maintained the defensive intensity, featuring standout plays such as a sack by #30, Pancho Lopez, and a fumble recovery by #99, Blake Ashba. Southwood entered the fourth quarter with the ball and a 14-0 lead.

4th Quarter: The fourth quarter opened with another explosive run by #30, Pancho Lopez, who broke free for a 55-yard touchdown. This time, #59, Connor Height, powered his way into the end zone for a successful two-point conversion, extending Southwood’s lead to 22-0. Southwood’s defense remained resolute, producing their fourth turnover of the game as #9, Blake Enyert, intercepted a Northfield pass. Pancho Lopez continued his spectacular performance with an 84-yard touchdown run, although the two-point conversion was not successful, bringing the score to 28-0. Southwood’s defense continued to exhibit strength, with Connor Height securing a crucial sack for a loss of -8 yards in a bid to preserve the shutout. However, Northfield managed to put points on the board with a 10-yard pass from number 10 to number 16 for their first touchdown of the game. The two-point conversion was successful, narrowing the score to 28-8. In the final moments of the game, #65, Jaden Hartline, recovered an onside kick, allowing the Knights to run out the clock and secure the 28-8 victory.

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