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Results from Oak Hill for Saturday, October 7th

Varsity Volleyball wins first match in Grant 4

The varsity girls won their first match in the Grant 4 tournament!

Despite a fall in the second set, the girls quickly turned it back around in the third set with a dominating 25-13 performance.

The fourth set was a close game ending in a 26-24 win for your varsity eagles. They will play after the consolation game with began at 3:15p.


Morgan Cates led the team with 12 kills, Bella Taylor in second with 7 kills. Braeleigh Evans had 5 aces, Amaya Thompson in second with 4. Braeleigh Evans ended the match with 28 digs and Alivia Shaw with 100 attempts and 29 assists.


Varsity Volleyball wins Grant 4!

The varsity girls took on the Grant Four Championship against Madison Grant around 4:30p. The Argylls kept momentum the first two sets winning the first set 26-24 and second set 25-15. It was looking roughy for the Oak Hill Eagles, but they did not give up.

The Argylls took advantage of our errors the first two sets and the Eagles struggled to pull themselves out.

However, in the third set, there was an energy shift and the Eagles knew they were going to go down fighting.

That is exactly what happened in the third set. The Eagles took momentum which led into the fourth set. Both sets ending in a 25-22 win for the Oak Hill Eagles.

The fifth set began, the Eagles not getting the coin toss. However, with momentum on their side, they were not backing down. The Eagles were up 7-3 in the fifth set, with the chances looking good for that Grant Four championship. The Argylls came back and ended up tying with the Eagles. Alexa Myers came in and had some momentum changing serves. The game was 14-12 and senior setter, Alivia Shaw, clutched the Grant 4 game with setter dump kill right in the donut. Great win Lady Eagles!


Alivia Shaw led the team with 14 ACES! Morgan Cates led with 11 kills, Claire Templin and Aubrey Warnock both with 7 kills and Alivia Shaw with 6 kills. Braeleigh Evans had 27 digs, Alivia Shaw in second with 24 digs. Isabelle Dominisse ended with two solo blocks!

The girls will be back in action on Monday with their last regular season game against Northfield.

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