Norse Rained Out At Madison Grant

The Northfield baseball team traveled to Madisin Grant Saturday, winning game one 4-3 over Tri Central before being rained out in the championship in the first inning up 1-0.

2Dakota France2200000000010
3Clayton Tomlinson4424020002000
5Nate Drancik4412010010021
6Michael Fisher3300000000010
7Levi Fulkerson1000000000100
8Graydon Holmes0000000000000
13Chance Hartman4411100001000
17Jacob Truman3200000000100
22Cole Rosen4422200001000
25Jarret Shafer4311100000110
27Braden Ripplinger4411100020011
3Clayton Tomlinson2.20100010500
23Jonah Truman4.11000024730

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