Wabash 8th Wins Caston Invite

The Wabash 8th grade boys won the Caston Invite Saturday.

Wabash beat Knox in the first game 41-18.Wabash led 13-2 at the end of the first quarter and by the time they began the fourth were leading 39-14.

Grant Ford scored 14 points
Trevor Daughtry– 8 points
Kaden Vogel–6 points
Izaak Wright–5 points
Keaton Fields–4 points
Alex Dinkins and Trey Thrush–2 points

In the championship game Wabash defeated Caston 47-33.
At halftime Wabash was up 33-7.

Trevor Daughtry–13 points
Grant Ford–10 points
Kaden Vogel–7 points
Izaak Wright–5 points
Alex Dinkins, Keaton Fields and Brayten Eis—4 points
Wabash is now 5-1 for the season.

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