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Apache Boys CC 5th At Penn


The Wabash High School boys and girls cross country teams traveled to Mishawaka Saturday to take part in the Penn Invite

Being the only small school in the midst of schools with much larger enrollments didn’t bother the Apaches as they finished 5th out of 14 teams. The meet was run as two separate races, one at 9:00 am and the other at noon; then, times were combined to determine the over all winner.

The Apaches won their race at noon, but when times were combined from the earlier race they ended up 5th. When both races were combined, Zack Reed was the first Wabash finisher coming in 8th place. Jarrett Wilson and Dave Ford were the next finishers at 18th and 19th overall. Caelan McDougle was 51st and Troy Guenin Hodson was 54th. Trevor Daughtry was 89th and Kaden Vogel was 104th to round out the Apache top 7.

First for the girls team was Sierra Hall, our senior, with a time of 27:34 and taking 35th place overall. Coming in next for the team was Calisen Kugler (freshman), in 37th place over all with a time of 28:00. Third to come in for the team was our sophomore, Grace La Mar, come in with a time of 35:50 and taking 57th place.

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