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Lady Apaches Soccer Ties Mississinewa


The Wabash Lady Apaches soccer team tied with a strong Mississinewa team Saturday 2-2.

The Lady Apaches found themselves down in the first half and battled back to tie it 1-1 before halftime. Mississinewa put their 2nd goal in the back of the net and lead the Apaches 2-1, before Wabash again fought their way to find the back of the net. Both Apache goals were made by sophomore Rylee Yoakum, both unassisted. Sophomore Libby Mattern had an incredible performance controlling the center of the field and distributing to her teammates that lead to multiple scoring opportunities for the Apaches.

Senior Madi Lutz, Senior Nici Gunderman, junior Ashley Province and senior Isabelle Davis all lead offensive opportunities for Wabash. The Apache defense was strong again today, lead by senior Morgan Mallow, junior Kalista Ballshmidt, junior Kiersten O’Neill, senior Gunderman and sophomore Hannah Layne in goal with 5 big saves.

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