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Knights Shut Out Norse In Sectional Opener


The Southwood Knights left no doubt they were ready to play, defeating Northfield 36-0 Friday,

The Knights got on the board early when Alex Farr connected with Carson Rich for a 7-0 lead. With 3:16 left in the quarter Elijah Sutton picked off a pass and ran it in from 8yds out to lead 14-0.

The lone score in the second quarter came off a 42yd Farr run for a 20-0 halftime score.

Farr again would have the lone score in the third, running it in from 12yds away to lead 26-0.

The Knights would tack on two more scores in the fourth. Farr and Rich would connect from 10yds out before Rich kicked a 25yd field goal for the 36-0 final.


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
10Alex Farr (Sr)1125138.44012.5212471.8
Team Totals1125138.44012.5212471.8


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
10Alex Farr (Sr)11888.0422
14Carson Rich (Sr)100.00
18T. Hayslett (Sr)8-2-0.36
21Isaiah Sutton (So)2-14-7.0-6
28Elijah Sutton (Sr)9465.114
Team Totals311183.8422


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
10Alex Farr (Sr)155.05
12Logan Barley (Sr)166.06
14Carson Rich (Sr)810312.9202
81Cole Winer (So)12424.024
Team Totals1113812.5242

Northfield stats will be added when received

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