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Wrestlers Moving On


The four county wrestling teams participated in the Maconaquah regional Saturday.

Western won the regional with 123 points. Wabash was second with 103, Manchester 8th with 52, Northfield 11th with 25 and Southwood 14th.

The top four wrestlers in each weight class qualified for next week’s semi state in Ft Wayne. Listed below are the wrestlers moving on

1 13
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jared Brooks of Wabash
2nd Place – Ethan Holloway of Rochester Community
3rd Place – Harvey Barr of Kokomo
4th Place – Anthony Martin of Western

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Ethan Higgins of Wabash
2nd Place – Harper Dedman of Oak Hill
3rd Place – Cooper Baldwin of Peru
4th Place – Justin Brantley of Western

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dylan Stroud of Manchester
2nd Place – Anthony Long of Wabash
3rd Place – Jonah Hollars of Maconaquah
4th Place – Robert Dinn of Western

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brody Arthur of Oak Hill
2nd Place – Alex Legg of Peru
3rd Place – Elijah Burlingame of Manchester
4th Place – Brayden Sickafus of Wabash

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Logan Farnell of Maconaquah
2nd Place – Grant Carandante of Wabash
3rd Place – Bryce Buckley of Eastern (Greentown)
4th Place – Noah Swango of Rochester Community

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jett Thompson of Oak Hill
2nd Place – Jaydan Goshert of Northfield
3rd Place – Jaquan East of Kokomo
4th Place – Je`kwan Williams of Marion

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Chad Washburn of Kokomo
2nd Place – Levi Lee of Marion
3rd Place – Preston Duffy of Manchester
4th Place – MJ Norman of Western

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brady Beck of Rochester Community
2nd Place – Chad Wyatt Jr. of Wabash
3rd Place – Micha Higgins of Northfield
4th Place – Gavin Mize of Manchester

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