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Apaches Fall At Blackford


The Wabash Apaches fell at Blackford 83-65 Saturday.

2Bryant Boggs (Sr)22315200.620
5Trevor Daughtry (Fr)141769671.994
10Jasper Walter (Sr)21627290.929
20Joe Leland (Sr)2910313230.831
21Jarrett Wilson (Sr)100
22Kolton Wilson (So)90200
23Dave Ford (So)2115511451.450
30Keegan O’neill (Sr)129331003.0133
32Izaak Wright (Fr)25526330.842
33Cash Carmichael (Sr)100
Team Totals155652256391.249
#Athlete NameMinPtsORebDRebRebAstStlBlkTOPF
2Bryant Boggs (Sr)22314510021
5Trevor Daughtry (Fr)14170010011
10Jasper Walter (Sr)21612300022
20Joe Leland (Sr)291042692020
21Jarrett Wilson (Sr)10000000
22Kolton Wilson (So)901120021
23Dave Ford (So)211534712213
30Keegan O’neill (Sr)12901110001
32Izaak Wright (Fr)25512321021
33Cash Carmichael (Sr)10000000
Team Totals1556510162617521210

The Wabash junior varsity defeated Blackford 50-35

2Andrew Dillon (So)300
4Kaden Vogel (Fr)2615512421.354
5Ethan Kocher (Jr)12312501.575
10Keaton Fields (Fr)200200
11Antonio Grant (So)22845801.680
12Grant Ford (Fr)2518717411.153
21Ashton Smith (So)100
23Brayton Eis (Fr)100
30Alex Dinkins (Fr)120200
33Jacob Fuchs (So)100
34Colin Price (So)14635601.260
Team Totals137502045441.153
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