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Knights Are In The Final Four


The Southwood Knights defeated Seton Catholic and Lafayette Central Catholic to win the Frankfort regional Saturday.

In game one vs Seton Catholic the Knights trailed 10-9 after the first stop before scoring the first 29 points of the second quarter. Southwood out scored Seton 40-8 in the quarter to lead 49-18 at the half. The Knights continued to roll in the second half, winning 79-59.

Carson Rich 32pts 12reb 6ast 8st
Connor Rich 15pts 4reb 2ast 4st
Farr 11pts 1ast 3st
Winer 8pts 5reb 2ast 1st
Filip 7pts 5reb 3ast
Barley 3pts 2reb 2ast 1st
Rody 2pts
Oprisek 1pts 6reb 1ast 1st 1bl

In the championship against LCC the Knights trailed 20-9 after the first quarter before making a comeback and trailing 30-25 at the half. Southwood continued their heavy pressure to make it 40-40 after three before the thrilling final shot. Down 53-52 Carson Rich would hit a shot with .04 on the clock to propel the Knights to the semi state.

Carson Rich 19pts 7reb 1ast 1st 1st
Farr 10pts 1reb 3ast 2st 1bl
Connor Rich 7pts 4reb 1ast 1st
Winer 7pts 7reb 1ast 4st 1bl
Barley 6pts
Oprisek 5pts 4reb 3st
Filip 1reb 2ast 1st

Play Saturday vs Kouts at 1pm at Lafayette Jeff

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