Apaches Stumble Against Wawasee

The Wabash Apaches opened their baseball season, falling to Wawasee 15-3 Wednesday.

The Apaches led 3-2 after four innings before giving up 13 runs the last three innings.

1Jasper Walter4311100002100
3Jared Brooks2211100000000
6Andrew Dillon4322200000100
7Mason Dillon1000000000100
8Colton Learned3300000001010
9Chayden Beeks3311100000010
10Braden Sickafus3300000000011
11Justin Booth4411100010000
15Joe Leland3311100010000
16Ashton Smith3300000000011
19Antonio Grant1100000000010
9Chayden Beeks1.200000731105
15Joe Leland5.01010091254
16Ashton Smith0.10000000000

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