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Southwood Tennis Falls In Season Opener


The Southwood tennis team fell to Blackford 3-2 in their season opener.

SHS and Blackford were tied at 2 matches each and the winner was determined by a tough #1 Singles Match between Lyndzy Silvers and Sissy McNeal. Lyndzy, a junior and the teams only returning player, demonstrated her serving skills and ability to focus on the long volleys. However, Blackford’s McNeal was able to take the final set 6:4.

Southwood’s #2 Singles player Carrie Collins lost in opening match to Vanessa Carroll a senior at Blackford. Vanessa took the time to let the SHS coaching staff know that Ms. Collins was a great competitor and will be a force to recon with as the season continues. Courtney Finney, a freshman and #3 singles player, won her opening match against Meeka Stalker by a tiebreaker in the second set.

Number 1 Doubles Alaina Dague and Taylor Cavins lost to Anya Uggen and Emily Ellison. Alaina and Taylor both had some excellent serves and working well together as a team. Number 2 Doubles Lydia Topliff and Sarah Grace beat Allyson Henderson and Jaelyn McCaffery. Due to illness Topliff’s regular doubles player was not able to play. So, this was the first time that Topliff and Grace had paired.

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