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Southwood Tennis Shut Out By Rochester


The Southwood tennis team fell to Rochester 0-5 Monday.

Carrie Collins (10) playing in the #1 Singles position against Rochester’s Kyle Houston (12) took the second set 7/5 after losing the first set 2/6. Houston persevered and took the 3rd set 0/6. Collins had some excellent serves and returns in the match.

In other play Zoey Gaylourd (#2 Singles) had some aggressive serves and volleys. This was probably her best match so far this season. Playing #3 Singles, Taylor Cavins was able to take her opponent to deuce several times. The team is looking for both girls to continue to improve as they gain experience.

The #1 Doubles team of Lydia Topliff and Alaina Dague are working hard together and are gaining an understanding of the others’ play. Both girls served well and had some excellent volleys. Makyla Myers and Sarah Grace filled in for the #2 Doubles team and are doing well. Both girls work well together and pushed Rochester to deuce multiple times in multiple games. If counted correctly one game was played to deuce 7 times before Rochester was able to make these ladies fault.

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