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Manchester Volleyball Falls To Wawasee


The Manchester volleyball team fell to Wawasee 19-25, 24-26, 18-25 Tuesday.

Manchester battled hard against the Warriors, but couldn’t seem to string together enough consistent runs of points pull ahead. A few costly mistakes here and there allowed the Wawasee to capitalize for the win in straight sets.


#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
1Aliyah Nichols (Jr)200.0.000
3Aliala Atienza (Sr)300.0.093-.333
4Olivia Davis (Jr)331.015.0207-.200
6Paxton Baker (Jr)300.0.050.000
7Savannah Evans (Jr)
8Hadley West (Fr)300.0.010.000
9Gracie Lauer (Jr)320.714.3142.000
10M. Bellinger (So)300.0.010.000
11Peyton Ream (Fr)310.3100.0101.000
13Leyna Borgmann (Jr)320.718.2113-.091
14M. Espeset (Jr)341.328.6142.143
15Olivia Neal372.331.8221.273
Team Totals3196.318.810118.010


#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
1Aliyah Nichols (Jr)2110.5
3Aliala Atienza (Sr)31655.3
4Olivia Davis (Jr)3321.0
6Paxton Baker (Jr)31434.7
7Savannah Evans (Jr)2000.0
8Hadley West (Fr)31324.3
9Gracie Lauer (Jr)3401.3
10M. Bellinger (So)3923.0
11Peyton Ream (Fr)3732.3
13Leyna Borgmann (Jr)3000.0
14M. Espeset (Jr)3301.0
15Olivia Neal3511.7
Team Totals3751925.0

The JV lady Squires had a tough game against Wawasee and came through with the win in 3 tough sets.

Here are the stats :

Izzy Renz -1 dig, 1 S/R, 5 kills

Peyton Ream – 6 assists, 4 digs, 1 ace, 1 kill

Brilee Enyeart – 15 S/R, 14 digs

Francesca Baiocchi – 2 assists, 2 digs, 1 kill

Taryn Finch – 3 S/R, 4 dig

Ava Felgar – 3 digs, 4 aces

Myla Crozier – 7 S/R, 10 digs, 5 kills

Raegen Shah – 1 assist, 4 S/R, 4 digs

Lauryn Reichenbach – 1 digs, 4 kills

To view photos from the match click on the picture and follow the link

IMG_0384 (683x1024)
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