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Outside The County-Huntington North


Results from Huntington North for Friday, January 13th

Columbia City-44 Huntington North-34

3Ethan HubarttG0/00/00/00/0000010000003:12
4* Aric HoslerG3/93/70/22/28011100020030:36
5* Ethan ZahnG0/50/10/40/00011201000028:24
10Tiler CarrP1/61/60/00/02101400000018:03
11* Zach NashG2/70/12/64/410022202020130:23
20Brodee SwaidnerG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
21Wes HuffG0/10/10/02/2200010001016:17
23Blake ShewardG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
30Caleb ReustG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
32* Asher ChipchoskyP1/51/50/00/02235101020024:33
33* Levi McElhaneyP5/65/60/00/2103710500020018:32
40Cole McCarverP0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
44Dalton HusbandP0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP


FINAL NE8 JV BOYS’ BASKETBALL SCORE – Huntington North-53 Columbia City-46

3* Isaac GroggG1/10/01/10/03000001030110:40
4Caden MooreG0/10/10/00/00000200010011:08
5* Tony DeckerG4/62/22/44/414088103020021:56
10Marcus LinkerG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
11Caleb ReustG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
20Brodee SwaidnerG5/64/51/12/413000200030117:20
21* Sam DoubleP4/54/50/04/412516303010126:47
23* Blake ShewardG0/10/00/11/21134003031019:05
30Justin TeuschG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
42* Dalton HusbandP2/42/40/01/35123400020018:29
44Wes HotchkissP2/52/50/01/25134002000014:35


Huntington North Freshmen Boys Basketball Results:

1/13/23: vs. Columbia City High School

Columbia City – 35

Huntington North – 26

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