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Wabash MS Soccer Falls To Peru


The Wabash Middle School soccer team fell to Peru 9-0 Wednesday.

Wabash battled mightily throughout the contest against a mostly veteran Peru team, and was caught on defense for most of the match. The starting defensive line made up of Brenda Alspach, Owen Honeycutt, Alyssa Sheridan, and Alyssa Rose did their best to contain the Tigers, but the Peru offense proved too experienced against Wabash’s largely novice club, and the Apaches fell 9-0 on the night. Strong effort offensively was offered by Hope Fritter, John Harris, Lucas Coffman, and Alivia Cole, but the midfield ultimately could not generate an attack to starting forwards Maddox Mindach and Ember Christle. Wabash will take on the Manchester Squires in a back-to-back home game on Thursday, April 20 at 5:30 pm.

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