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Manchester Tennis Sweeps Bluffton


The Manchester tennis team defeated Bluffton 5-0 Thursday.


1 Sarah Kerlin (11) vs.Emma Schwarts(9) Man 6-0, 6-1

2 Myla Crozier (9) vs.Gretchen Crist(11) Man 6-3, 6-0

3 Bethany Penrod (9) vs.Hazel Pfister(9) Man 6-0,6-0


1 Delani Henderson(12) vs.Alexis Grover(11) Man 6-0, 6-1

Carleigh Blevins (11) Eve Corkwell(9)

2 Addison Brubaker (10) vs. Avery Hunt(10) Man 6-3, 6-1

Kate Schroll (9) Kinzie Fiecther(9)

Not available: Hailey Krom(11) RESULT: Win 5-0

RECORD: 10-1 (4-0 TRC)


1 Ella Bradley (10) vs.Karlie Brown(12) Man 8-0

2 Chase Blevins (9) vs.Karli Anderson(10) Man 8-1

3 Maggie Onderko-White(9)vs.Farangiz G’aybullayeva(11)Man 8-0


1 Alexa Weaver (11) vs.Zara Eisenhut(11) Man 8-4

Emilee Manns (12) Gisalle Martinez(11)

2 Sophia Anglin (10) vs. Madison Morray(11) Man 8-0

Haley Betten (10) Mary Beth Zurcher(11)

3 Carrie Hoffmeyer (11) vs. Zoey Schmiot(11) Man 8-1

Citlali Quiroz-Alverez(10) Tiffany Lanning(10)

4 Isabelle Anguilm(11) vs. Isabella Rhoderick(11)Man 8-1

Audrey Sanson (10) Aziza Yeleussin(11)

RESULT: Win 7-0

Injured: Arya Norton(12), Ava Baker(10) RECORD: 11-2 (4-0 TRC)

Manchester top JV vs. Manchester top JV singles

Katie Jenkins (10) vs. Lexi Nichols (9) Katie 6-2

Marley Bellinger (10) vs. Maggie Maggie 6-1

Liilli Meyer(11) vs. Makayla Marcum(9) Lilli 6-1

Manchester tennis had another strong match against visiting Bluffton winning at every position in both varsity and junior varsity. Manchester’s Delani Henderson and Carleigh Blevins started off the victory parade giving up only one game in the second set 6-0,6-1. Henderson & Blevins served and returned with power and precision making most games brief. Bethany Penrod finished minutes later using well placed shots to move her opponent around the court and win in convincing fashion 6-0,6-0. Then Sarah Kerlin notched the third win by rattling off 10 straight games before ending 6-0,6-1. Sarah’s serve was too much for her young opponent. Myla Crozier faced a gritty opponent and needed a bit more time to continue her winning ways. After a closer 6-3 set, Crozier rolled in set two winning 6-0. Finally, Manchester’s two doubles team of Addison Brubaker and Kate Schroll needed a few adjustments to turn an early deficit into a strong win. Their opening set went from 1-2 to 5-2 before swapping games and a 6-3 set win. Their second set went much faster racing off to a 5-0 lead and 6-1 finish.

In JV play all 3 singles by a combined 24-1 count with Ella Bradley, Chase Blevins, and Maggie Onderko-White all victorious. After the JV 1 doubles win from Emilee Manns and Alexa Weaver by a, 8-4 count, the final 3 doubles spots won by a combined 24-2 margin. Manchester plays Whitko in a make up match Friday and then Tippecanoe Valley on Monday, both at home at 5pm.

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