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Final Regular Season TRC Football Standings & Stats

Posted below are the final regular season TRC football standings and stats.


School Name*W-L*Pct.*PF*PAW-LPct.PFPAStrk
Peru8-01.0003641019-01.0004061299 W
Rochester7-10.875354617-20.7783621003 W
Maconaquah5-20.7142391226-30.6673181941 L
Northfield4-30.5711191224-50.4441252032 W
Southwood4-40.5001492134-50.4441492503 L
Lewis Cass2-20.5001021075-40.5562741922 W
Manchester3-40.4291021833-60.3331232772 L
Wabash2-60.2501412772-70.2221413191 W
North Miami1-70.125942691-80.1111063044 L
Whitko0-70.000312401-80.111572928 L

Posted are the top 10 in each category. To see and entire list in a category click on the links below each category.


Three Rivers Boys Football (2023) Passing Yards Stat Leaders (maxpreps.com)


Three Rivers Boys Football (2023) Rushing Yards Stat Leaders (maxpreps.com)


Three Rivers Boys Football (2023) Receiving Yards Stat Leaders (maxpreps.com)


Three Rivers Boys Football (2023) Total Tackles Stat Leaders (maxpreps.com)


Three Rivers Boys Football (2023) Sacks Stat Leaders (maxpreps.com)


Three Rivers Boys Football (2023) Interceptions Stat Leaders (maxpreps.com)

Field Goals

Three Rivers Boys Football (2023) FG Made Stat Leaders (maxpreps.com)


Three Rivers Boys Football (2023) Punt Average Stat Leaders (maxpreps.com)

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