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Lady Knights Win Opener At Elwood


In a closely contested matchup, the Southwood High School girls’ basketball team emerged victorious against the Elwood Tigers with a final score of 42-37 Friday.

Key players delivered standout performances, leading the Knights to a hard-fought win. Lola Winer led the scoring with an impressive 13 points, showcasing versatility with 2 three-pointers and 6 rebounds. Hali Pershing dominated the boards with 11 points and an outstanding 13 rebounds, while Gracie Lambert and Emmerson Chellis contributed crucial points and rebounds.

In a display of skill and teamwork, the Southwood Junior Varsity (JV) girls’ basketball team triumphed over the Elwood squad, securing a convincing 9-2 win in just two quarters of play. The game showcased the talent and determination of the young athletes who left it all on the court.

Shelby Thomas led the scoring for Southwood, contributing 2 points to the team’s total. Brooke Farr and Hali Pershing also made notable contributions, each adding 2 points to the scoreboard. The well-distributed scoring highlighted the team’s collaborative effort on the offensive end. On the defensive side, the Southwood JV team demonstrated discipline and tenacity. Adi Deaton and Elexis Kelley showcased their defensive prowess, collecting a combined total of 6 steals. Additionally, Hali Pershing made her presence felt with 2 blocks, disrupting Elwood’s attempts to score. While the scoring was limited to a two-quarter game, each player played a crucial role in securing the victory. Hailey Collins and Peyton Nelson contributed to the team’s defensive efforts, with Collins earning 3 deflections.

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