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Norse Wrestling Edges Lewis Cass


The Northfield Varsity Wrestling Team traveled to Lewis-Cass High School for the first sectional rivalry of the year Tuesday, defeating the Kings 39-33.

Seniors Baden Turner and Layne Denton scored key victories by decision and a forfeit, respectfully. Sophomores Luke Eviston and Tate Barlow pinned their opponents, scoring twelve critical team points. Our Superstar Freshmen won the vital matches that won the duel for Northfield. Freshman Jackson Mercer (NF) started the winning momentum, beating Freshman James Strong (LC) 14-10. Freshman Eli Gahl (NF) kept Northfield’s hopes alive by returning from a six-point deficit and beating Junior Eli Bower (LC) 14-11. Freshman Corbin Goshert (NF) sealed the Norsemen’s Victory by a decision over Junior Kameron Hall (LC) 7-4 in the final match-up of the event.

The Norsemen next host an eight-team invitational, with a “new name,” on Saturday, December 2nd. Wrestling starts at 9:00 am, with a special event just prior. If you have ever coached, wrestled, or managed for Northfield Wrestling, you will not want to miss this event.

Individual Varsity Results:
106lbs: Levi Bell (LC) won by forfeit
113lbs: Dominic Sebastian (LC) pinned Jace Phillips (NF)
120lbs: Elliot Grist (LC) pinned Isaac Stakeman (NF)
126lbs: Max Grist (LC) won by decision over Brayden Rice (NF) 10-9
132lbs: Eli Gahl (NF) won by decision over Eli Bower (LC) 14-11
138lbs: Tate Barlow (NF) pinned Michael Mills (LC)
144lbs: Corbin Goshert (NF) won by decision over Kameron Hall (LC) 7-4
150lbs: Jackson Mercer (NF) won by decision over James Strong (LC) 14-10
157lbs: Layne Denton (NF) won by forfeit
165lbs: Luke Eviston (NF) pinned Kyland Magers
175lbs: Rylan Schultz (NF) won by forfeit
190lbs: Nick Park (LC) pinned Burton Black (NF)
215lbs: Elijah Martin (LC) pinned Cail Dunphy (NF)
285lbs: Baden Turner (NF) pinned Elijah Auten (LC)

JV Results:
120lbs: Copeland (LC) pinned Lucas Law (NF)
165lbs: Peyrot (LC) pinned Riley Morriset (NF)

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