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Results from Maconaquah for Thursday, November 30th

Boys Varsity Swimming beats Carroll 139 – 34

The boys had a pretty good first meet at Carroll. Monday meets are usually not great. It was great to see the freshman and newcommers get some experience in a high school meet. Times were not great, but it is early in the season and their endurance needs improving. I am very proud of Janis Groeber. He is our exchange student and has improved a tremendous amount in a short time. I thought he was going to quit the first practice. He dropped over 3 seconds in the 50 free. Luke Abbott had three best times. He dropped over 2 sec in 50 Br and .5 in 50 Free. He also swam the 100 fly for the first time. Our divers looked great. Two years ago we had no boy divers. That made scoring tough giving up 13 points in some meets. This year Brady and Aiden are in their second year and we have Cameron Metcalf in his first year. I am impressed with how much Cameron has learned in three weeks. He broke 100 points in his first meet. Brady +11 and Aiden +18, crushed their best scores from last year. Zach Duke dropped 7 sec in 200 Free and .9 sec in 50 Free. Aiden Ousley had a fantastic first swim in the 200 IM. He is now #2 on the depth chart. He also dropped .5 in 50 Back and .8 in 100 Back. The Golden Goggle Award goes to Joel Loshnowsky. Joel has improved so much from his 8th grade year. He is working so hard in practice. He dropped 2.2 in 50 back, .9 in 100 Free, and 2.2 in 100 Back. Next meet is Thursday at home. I look for the boys to have much better times.

Boys Varsity Swimming beats Manchester Junior/Senior 141 – 36

We love swimming and diving at home. The boys looked so good last night and had so many best times. Janis -1.5 in 50 free and swam the 100 free twice for the first time. He looked pretty tired at the end of the night. Isaiah -3 sec in 50 free and did 100 free for first time. His start looked way better. Jarrod dropped 1.7 in 50 Fly and .2 in 50 Free. Luke -1.6 in 50 Breast, swam the 200 IM for the first time, and -3.6 in 100 Free. Brady had an amazing 5 out of 6 dives. He increased his PR by 19 points. He also dropped .9 in the 50 Free. P.J. -.2 in 50 free. Cameron +16 for his dive score. Drake had a great night. Dropped 6.8 sec in 200 Free, 13 sec in 500 Free, and 4 sec in 100 Free. Colton also had a great night. He dropped 2.1 in 50 Breast, .4 in 100 Breast, 1.7 in 100 Free to break a minute, and swam the 100 Butterfly for the first time. Sam looked amazing and swam so much faster than on Monday. He dropped 8 sec in 50 Fly and 9 sec in 100 Free. Zach dropped .7 in 100 Free. He is so close to breaking a minute. Joel has had a great start to his high school career. He dropped .8 in 50 Back, 4.2 in 100 Free and 4 sec in 100 Back. Aiden is swimming so well. We have been working on his backstroke kick. He dropped .4 in 50 Back and 3.6 in 200 IM. The Golden Goggle Award goes to Ryley Rodkey. He does not like the 200 IM and 100 Fly but I told him we need to find the best spot for him. He gave me all he had last night. He dropped 1.8 in 50 Fly, 2.3 in 200 IM, and 7 sec in 100 Fly. I am really happy with where we are at as a team and see the possiblilty for how good we could be in January. It all depends on how much they want it and how hard they work.

Girls Varsity Swimming beats Manchester Junior/Senior 124 – 58

The girls had their first home meet of the season and came away with a win! So many good performances as well. Loshnowsky, Winegardner, Collins, and Laber came in 2nd but shaved 14 seconds off of Monday’s time. Abby Jordan, Duke, Schoettmer, and Rodkey places 3rd. Chloe Jordan and Thea Tyra placed 1 and 2 in the 200 free. Laci Winegardner placed 1st in the 200 IM with Kyndal Collins and Shay Schoettmer placing 3rd and 4th. Zoie Laber (PR) and Abby Jordan (PR) placed 2 and 3 in the 50 free. Diving was very successful with Rodkey, McClain, and Futrell placing 1,2,3. In the 100 fly Lucy Loshnowsky (PR) and Abby Jordan (PR) placed 2nd and 3rd. Zoie Laber, Thea Tyra, and Delaney Duke (PR) placed 2,3,4 in the 100 free. The 500 ended well with Chloe Jordan placing 1st, Marissa Burnett in 2nd, and freshman Viala Seymoure (PR) in 4th. In the 200 free relay team of Winegardner, Abby Jordan, Tyra, and Chloe Jordan placed 1st followed by Rodkey, Shivley, McClain, and Burnett placing 3rd. Lucy Loshnowsky placed 1st in the backstroke with Kyndal Collins and Kathryn Rodkey placing 2nd and 3rd. Delaney Duke came in 2nd earning a PR by 2 seconds with Laci Winegardner right behind in 3rd and newcomer Luna Hu in 4th. The final event of the evening fared well for the girls as the relay team of Laber, Loshnowsky, Tyra, and Chloe Jordan placed first followed by Collins, Schoettmer, Burnett, and Duke in 2nd. The girls had 30 best times for the evening, I couldn’t have asked for a better performance! The Golden Goggle goes to Abby Jordan. Abby is one of the team captains and really keeps her team moving and is a positive role model to her teammates for sure! Abby had three PR’a last night, so proud of her drive!

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