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Outside The County-Whitko


Results from Whitko for Saturday, December 2nd


Whitko 57
North Miami 43

Braisha Harrison 16 pts
Adryianna Phillips 12 pts
Kloe Krieg 10 pts
Jayma Stonebraker 8 pts
Reese Stonebraker 7 pts

Varsity record 6-2


Whitko 17
North Miami 12

JV record 2-5


Boys Basketball Results from this Weekend:

Friday Dec 1
Whitko 47
Bellmont 52

Whitko. 27
Bellmont. 48

Saturday Dec 2
Whitko 78
Smith Academy 15

Whitko 51
Smith Academy 27


The Whitko Wildcats Boys and Girls team were in action on Saturday at Maconaquah.
The girls team wrestled in an individual tournament. The girls wrestled hard in their first tournament of the year. Results are as follows:
Caylee Clark 1-2
Olivia Pender 3-1

The boys wrestled in a 6 round dual format. They wrestled tough for their first tournament. As a team we went 1-4. One match against Lewis-Cass was tied at 39-39 with the tiebreaker coming down to the 6th criteria and the win going to Lewis-Cass 40-39.
Team results
Whitko 0 Maconaquah 75
Tippy Valley 54 Whitko 19
North Miami 72 Whitko 12
Lewis-Cass 40 Whitko 39
Lapel 18 Whitko 48

Individual Results
Hayden Reed 3-2
Kendall Bollinger 1-4
Preston Furar 3-2
Harper Reilly 3-2
Jordan Worl 2-3
Federico Colombo 1-4
Payton Fry 0-5
Trevor Freel 1-4
Landon Smith 4-1
Kenlee Stewart 1-4
Isaac Irwin 0-2
Lucas Wagner 2-1 Varsity 1-0 JV

The Cats will be back in action on Wednesday in the Quad Meet at North Miami.
The Lady Cats will be in action at the Lakeland Invite on Saturday Dec 9th.


On Saturday the Whitko Archery Club competed in both the 2023 Triton Central Winter Classic (Bullseye) & 2023 Triton Central Winter Classic 3D tournaments @ Triton Central School in Fairland, IN. Whitkowas represented by 20 archers in three divisions. Top 10 archers are listed for each division below. All scores my be view on the nasptournaments website next to the tournament heading.

2023 Triton Central Winter Classic (Bullseye) : (https://nasptournaments.org/TournamentDetail.aspx?tid=10575)

of Schools : 29

of Archers : 827 ( High School : 105 (f)/128 (m), Middle School : 181 (f)/ 204(m), Elementary : 104 (f)/ 105 (m)

Whitko did not have enough archers to compete as a team in the bullseye tournament.

· A team must consist of a minimum of 12 archers which must include at least four female, four male archers’ scores and the next four highest archers’ scores of the team. A bullseye team can consist of upto 24 archers.

Whitko archers placing in the top ten :

· Sydney Napier – 286/300 – 2nd place Middle School Female & 2nd place overall female, two other archers finished tied just ahead of Syndey with scores of 290

· Kazuhiro Oh – 282/300 – 4th place High School Male & 6th place overall male, This is Kaz’s first tournament and he shot his first 50! Great Job Kaz!

· Isabella Hughes – 272/300 – 7th place High School Female.

2023 Triton Central Winter Classic 3D : (https://nasptournaments.org/TournamentDetail.aspx?tid=10579)

of Schools : 15

of Archers : 141 (High School : 18 (f)/27 (m), Middle School : 25 (f)/34 (m), Elementary : 22 (f)/ 15 (m):

Whitko was represented as a team in both the High School and Elementary Division:

  • A 3D team must consist of a minimum of 6 archers which must include at least two female, two male archers’ scores plus the next two highest archer scores of the team. A 3D team can have up to 24 archers on a team.

Whitko Team results :

Elementary finished 3rd with a 1057/1800
Charly Kinsey
Liam Lung
Knox Weaver
Gwenevere Griffith
Alivia Bradley
Isaiah Payton
Jazlynn Plew
High School Finished 2nd with a 1505/1800
Isabella Hughes
Keaton Cornell
Kazuhiro Oh
Crayden Perkins
Kaiden Barnhart
Serenity Perkins
Isiah Hughes
Laura Lime

Whitko individual archers placing in the top 10 :

Charly Kinsey – 228/300 – 7th place Elementary Female
Liam Lung – 210/300 – 6th place Elementary male
Knox Weaver – 197/300 – 7th place Elementary male
Sydney Napier – 292/300 – 1st place Middle School Female & 1st place overall Female
Jozlyn Kinsey – 248/300 – 9th place Middle School Female
Isabella Hughes – 284/300 – 1st place High School Female & 2nd place overall Female
Keaton Cornell – 277/300 – 2nd place High School Male & 2nd place overall Male

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