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Outside The County-Peru


Results from Peru for Saturday, December 16th

15 Tigers blast Kings 63-43

Peru hosted Lewis Cass tonight for the first basketball matchup as TRC foes.

The Tigers started red hot on both sides of the ball, knocking down open shots and forcing the Kings to turn the ball over in the first quarter. The Tigers led by 13 as the buzzer sounded. In the 2nd quarter the Kings then old school, borrowing a page out of Hall of Fame coach Basil Mawbey’s playbook, and slowed the pace to a crawl. Peru handled it well, still forcing 4 turnovers, however, the Tigers struggled to make baskets to extend the lead.

In the 3rd Quarter, Peru was content to sit in a 2-3 zone and force the Kings to attack it. The quarter was back and forth with scoring with Peru able to add to their lead a little. The Tigers remained in the zone, daring the Kings to shoot 3s, to try and claw into the 15-point deficit. Peru was able to make Cass turn the ball over 6 times leading to runouts and easy baskets at the other end. Peru had pushed the lead to a point where the bench mob guys got to get a run in as well.

The win moves the Tigers to 5-2(3-0TRC) on the season. They are back in action on December 27 at 6 pm when they host North Miami in the first game of the 2023 County Holiday tournament. Where the Tigers have won the last 10 straight and 13 of 15.


Matthew Roettger – 21

Gavin Eldridge – 13

Xavier Turner – 7

Reis Bellar – 7

Ian Potts – 6

Alex Ross – 4

Jaxson Manriquez – 3

Isaac Beam – 2

By Adam Butt on Dec 16, 2023

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