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Outside The County-Oak Hill


Results from Oak Hill for Wednesday, January 3rd

Oak Hill improved its dual meet record to 16-1 for the season with a 72-5 victory over the visiting Huntington North Vikings.

The following Oak Hill wrestlers won their matches:

113 – Mauricio Perez (forfeit)

120 – Colin Tarlton (forfeit)

126 – Brayd Arthur (forfeit)

132 – Devon Adkins (forfeit)

138 – Tyson Kendall (forfeit)

144 – Emilio Liscano (pin 1:05)

150 – Hayden Wagner (pin 1:22)

157 – Will Warnock (pin 3:49)

165 – RJ Trevino (pin 2:52)

175 – Evan Miller (pin 1:38)

190 – Jared Prickett (forfeit)

215 – Charlie Curtis (pin 1:44)


Girls Swimming & Diving get out touched by Hamilton Heights 95-88

Girls came up just shy of winning this meet against Hamilton Heights. Point wise it boils down to just placing one better in only 3-4 events, the difference between a 6th place and a 5th place, 5th place and a 4th place and so on. Sickness plagued the team with 3 girls out and a back to back meet scenario leaving us not finishing the way we would want to or should or could.

Top finishers

Medley Relay

2nd Jaycie Pearce, Avanly Bokinsky, Kenae Drollinger, Ava Miller

3rd Claire Templin, Allie VanWinkle, Riley Alfandre, Bella Kenyon

200 Freestyle

2nd Jaycie Pearce

4th Isabel Snyder

200 IM

2nd Kenae Drollinger

4th Bella Kenyon

50 Freestyle

1st Kelli Moore

3rd Addison Carey

5th Audrey Rex


2nd Abby Sneed

3rd Cora Saylor

100 Butterfly

3rd Riley Alfandre

4th Bella Kenyon

5th Allie VanWinkle

100 Freestyle

2nd Kelli Moore

3rd Addison Carey

5th Audrey Rex

500 Freestyle

2nd Isabel Snyder

3rd Jaycie Pearce

4th Eily Hawk

200 Freestyle Relay

1st Kenae Drollinger, Addison Carey, Jaycie Pearce, Kelli Moore

3rd Riley Alfandre, Ava Miller, Audrey Rex, Isabel Snyder

100 Backstroke

2nd Riley Alfandre

3rd Claire Templin

5th Quinn Brunner

100 Breaststroke

3rd Kenae Drollinger

4th Avanly Bokinsky

5th Lilly Snyder

400 Freestyle Relay

2nd Isabel Snyder, Audrey Rex, Kelli Moore, Kaitlyn Scalf

3rd Addison Carey, Allie VanWinkle, Bella Kenyon, Eily Hawk


Boys Swimming and Diving Beat a strong Hamilton Heights 98 – 86

Scoring this meet out, the prediction was a loss by 1 point. Hamilton Heights has some really big hitters, 2 of which are divers, both of which placed 1st and 2nd place in front of our own Grant Cates at the State meet last year. Despite the odds the boys came out on top with a win over Hamilton Heights. Relay strategies were in place and the boys excuted them all without flaw.

Top Finishers:

Medley Relay

2nd Owen Lynch, Konner Bullick, Eli Gardner, Josh Morgan

3rd Dylan Shafer, Blake Waggle, Eli Gardner, Drew Elzinga

200 Freestyle

1st Ethan Leal

4th Harrison Roesly

5th Konner Bullick

200 IM

2nd Evan Bledsoe

5th Blake Waggle

50 Freestyle

2nd Dylan Archer

4th Keegan Meyer

5th Drew Elzinga


3rd Grant Cates

4th Maddux Boswell

100 Butterfly

2nd Owen Lynch

4th Eli Gardner

100 Freestyle (SWEEP)

1st Dylan Archer

2nd Keegan Meyer

3rd Kyler Gulley

500 Freestyle

2nd Ethan Leal

4th Konner Bullick

5th Dylan Shafer

200 Freestyle Relay

1st Dylan Archer, Owen Lynch, Evan Bledsoe, Ethan Leal

3rd Kyler Gulley, blake Waggle, Drew Elzinga, Keegan Meyer

100 Backstroke

2nd Eli Gardner

3rd Harrison Roesly

4th Dylan Shafer

100 Breaststroke

1st Evan Bledsoe

3rd Blake Waggle

4th Drew Elzinga

400 Freestyle Relay

1st Ethan Leal, Keegan Meyer, Dylan Archer, Evan Bledsoe

3rd Konner Bullick, Kyler Gulley, Harrison Roesly, Eli Gardner

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