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Coach Bill Hoover is the Regional coach of the Year! This is actually the second year in a row Coach Hoover has won this honor. It is voted on by all of the regional coaches. Coach Hoover would not even want us to post anything about this… that is just him. Coach always gives all of the praise first to the wrestlers, his staff, and all of the supporters of the program. He always pushes the praise out to others, but he obviously deserves this! He has led NM to the most successful two years in school history and made school history this year, winning sectionals for the first time since 1979. He loves this wrestling family very much.

The North Miami Warriors were headed to Tippecanoe Valley under different circumstances this year. Valley was no longer a TRC opponent, and the Warriors were in their last year of the TRC. These two schools have had some pretty great matchups in recent years, and the Warriors are hoping to make this matchup a special one. The Warriors have been stuck at 2 wins for almost a month now, and they want to turn things around in the last couple weeks of the regular season before Sectionals arrive.

Both teams had a good start, scoring on their first possesion each, and then Valley went into takeover mode. The Vikings went on a stretch of hitting a majority of their shots and prevented the Warriors from making a lot of shots. With their great shooting and solid defense, Valley had a 23-8 lead after the first. The momentum carried over for the Vikings into the second quarter, but the Warriors did pick the pace up a little bit. Even though Valley was up 24 at the half, the Warriors had some good things going for them.

The second half was similar to that of the first, but Valley started to slow down and the Warriors were being physical. The third quarter showed a side of the Warriors that they needed to be the entire game. They were rebounding, getting good shots, and had an energy that made them forget about the score. Valley took the third quarter 17-12, but the Warriors were still wanting to fight. Unfortunately, it seemed that the Warriors used all their energy up and Valley went back on the attack. With NM slowing down and Valley cruising, it was obvious that Valley was going to come away with a large victory.

With just over two weeks left in the regular season, the Warriors are starting to show a little more energy in their recent contests. They have one final TRC matchup this Friday at Lewis Cass, the last TRC matchup that basketball will be a part of. The Warriors would love nothing more than to leave their mark on the TRC by getting a win in their final conference game. Lewis Cass is going to play just as tough as these last two opponents, but the Warriors have a new energy on their side. They will look to get a couple good practices in before traveling to Cass and look to steal another victory on the road.

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