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Results from North Miami for Tuesday, February 13th

With a busy week ahead of them, the North Miami Warriors were hoping to tip off with a great start and get a win Tuesday. The team has three home games this week, and they need to get on the right track starting with Southern Wells. The Raiders come in to the game with 6 wins on the year, so the Warriors realize the opportunity in front of them. Southern Wells was also going to bring their A game, so the Warriors were going to have to fight back with whatever they had.

It was a terrific start for the Warriors to say the least. They were moving the ball well on offense, getting stops and transition points, even rebounding just about every shot. They were showing some of their best basketball all season and leaving the Raiders behind in the dust. NM was up 20-15 after the first and it looked like all the momentum was favoring them. That momentum however did not carry over into the second quarter. The Warriors scored a couple of quick buckets to extend their lead, but the Raiders started getting more intense with every aspect of their game and the Warriors had no answer. Soon NM was turning the ball over more and their defense seemed to stop working. Southern Wells went on a 19-3 run in the last half of the quarter to lead by 9 at halftime.

After an extended halftime talk, the Warriors had to come out in the second half just like they did to start the game. They have seen how well they can work together and they needed to execute that way again to get back in this game. The Raiders came out with the same gameplan they had in the first half. They kept forcing the ball inside to either make high quality shots or get the Warriors in foul trouble. The Warriors were struggling offensively to make shots and hold on to the ball. The Warriors scored 9 in the third and Southern Wells had more than doubled their lead. The fourth quarter showed a lot of the same images from both sides as the Raiders kept dominating every part of the game. NM’s collapse from the first half allowed the Raiders to walk away with a 75-52 win.

From the start, it looked like the Warriors were going to be in the lead this game for all four quarters. At some point during the timeout after the first quarter, a switch was flipped and both sides played a lot different the rest of the game. Somehow the Warriors have to find that fire they had in the first quarter again and use it for all four quarters in these upcoming games. Their next opponent will be Logansport on Friday night. It is another winnable opportunity for NM and they can get the victory on a special night. Friday will be Senior Night for the Warriors so come on out to support the team and the Seniors!

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