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Tuesday Little League


Little League results from Tuesday, June 11th

In the first game of the night, the Kendall Electric Yankees defeated the Wabash Hardware Giants by a score of 5-4. For the Yankees: Hudson Haupert and Wiley Sorg both singled twice. Weston Smith and Tytus Dawes both had singles. Jaxten Chambers had a 2 RBI double and a triple. Starting pitcher Hudson Haupert struck out 3 batters. Relief pitcher Weston Smith also had 3 strikeouts. For the Giants: Bo McWhirt tripled. Colton Rice singled and doubled. Starting pitcher Quinton Siders struck out 8 batters. Relief pitcher Gavin Trotter added 2 strikeouts.

The second game of the night saw the completion of a suspended game between the Crossroads Bank Red Sox and the Wabash Elk’s Lodge Cubs. The Cubs defeated the Red Sox in a game that went 7 innings by a score of 8-7. For the Cubs: Paxton Wright, Cade Deaton and Nash Cunningham all had singles. Liam Edmond and Mack Denney both had an RBI single. Wyatt Selleck had two singles and one RBI. The Cubs threw a plethora of pitchers that helped them win the game. For the Red Sox: Carson McKee, Coby Leland, Myles Leland all singled on the night. Ethan Mahan singled with an RBI. Camden McKee singled with one RBI and tripled. The Red Sox also threw multiple pitchers. After the game, the Cubs were awarded their League Championship rings for this season.

Results from the American League Tournament day 2 , June 11
Another late night at the Field of Dreams…..

In game one
The Wabash Hardware Giants secured the 12-5 win against the Siders Premier Properties Yankees Yankees.
For the Mighty Giants – Caleb Vanlandingham pitched 3.5 innings on 75 total pitches striking out 9. Caleb also tripled his second and third at bat.
Gage Honeycutt had two singles with RBIs.
•Konner Graf doubled.
•Maddix Vest had two singles.
•Ruby Cantrell singled.
•Kaden Kerr singled and received the game ball for his clutch hit to break open the lead.
•Penelope Gill singled.
•Demmeries Dunson had a rally breaking catch in the outfield that helped secure our win.
For the Yankees – The Giants out played the Yankees in every aspect of the game: they out hit, out pitched, and played better defense. The Yankees were led by Remington Griffith with a double and single.

In game 2
It was the Alan Zimmerman Law Office Pirates defeating the Bott Mechanical White Sox 12-8
The Pirates finished the regular season and took home the hardware after being crowned division champions with a record of 13 wins and one loss. Tuesday night at the field of dreams was both a special and melancholy night as not only did the river pirates win the first game of the city tournament 12-8 over the American League White Sox, but they also said their final goodbyes to teammates Alvaro Camaras and his little brother Martene – who are returning home to Spain permanently. Alvaro and his little brother scored three runs and Alvaro had two strikeouts. Quinten Poe hit a grand slam home run and a single, leading the Pirate attack with six RBIs and two runs scored. Dexter Freeman also had a home run, a base hit, had three RBIs, and closed the game out in the last inning with two strikeouts. Tynliegh Cattin had a double, a single, and scored a run in the victory. Last but never least, Braxton “Jokerman” Wakefield had his first hit in little league baseball. It was a night filled with joy and with tears as Martene and Alvaro played their last little league game and left the field of dreams with their mom and dad to board a plane in the morning to take them home to Spain. An age old question has now been answered…. there is crying in baseball.

For the White Sox –
Angel Hubbard went 2 for 3 and scored 2 runs.
Quinton Cole was 1 for 1, 2 walks, 2 RBI
Aaleyah luttrell – 1 for 3, 1 double, 2 rbi
Tristan Haupert – 1 inning pitched, 1 strike out, and gave up 1 hit in relief.

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