Manchester C Falls To Rochester

The Manchester C team fell to Rochester 45-33 Wednesday.

Manchester came to a slow start in the first quarter, playing slow in the offense. Squires were down 9-12 in the first quarter. The second quarter the Squires outscored the Zebras 5-3 to bring the score to 15-14 with Rochester leading at the half. In the third quarter the Zebras outscored the Squires 10-9. Foul trouble started to hurt the Squires and Rochester went on a run in the fourth, outscoring Manchester 20-10.
The Squires fought back from the third, but foul trouble kept them out of it.

Scoring for Manchester:

Liam York with 18, Trevor Heath with 6, Jace Judy with 5, Traceson Gearhart with 2, and Josh Hollinger with 2 points.

The Squires are now 5-6 overall and 3-2 in conference play.

The Squires will play next on Saturday February 1st against Concordia at 5:00pm. The game will be at Manchester.

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