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Squire Boys Second/Apaches Fifth At Busco Relays


The Manchester boys track team finished runner up to Churubusco at the Busco Relays Saturday.

”We had an excellent day. Many great performances. Dom Lincoln was 7th overall in scoring for the meet and Ethan Cummins was 9th.
The relays all ran extremely well coming off of a grueling week of three meets in 5 days, especially the 4×400 with a PR of 3:35 taking 4 seconds off of their previous best time.
Ravin King and braden Jones also had great PRs. Ravin in the 3200 and Braden in the discus.
Also, we were not seated to score in the long jump, but Gabe Case decided to bust out an 18’3″ PR and take 3rd.
Dom Lincoln and Casen Vawter picked up big points in the hurdle races. We were also fortunate to score 2 athletes in both the 100 and 200, Cummins and Gaerte. With prelims, they had a lot on their plate today. Overall, a very impressive day.”

First place:
Dom Lincoln 300 m hurdles 41.5
4×100: Ethan Cummins, AJ Fortman, Braxton Ream, Seth Gaerte 45.5
4×400: Cummins, Ream, Cade Jones, Lincoln 3:35 (PR)
2nd place:
200 m: Cummins 11.5
3rd place:
4×800: Jones, Ravin King, JD Eberly, Jacob Hesting 9:03
100m Cummins 11.5
110 m hurdles Lincoln 16.47
Long Jump Gabe Case 18’3″ (PR)
4th place:
Discus: Braden Jones 120’5″ (PR)
High Jump: Gabe Case 5’10”
110 hurdles Casen Vawter 17.33 (PR)
300 m hurdles Casen Vawter 44.3
5th place:
100m Gaerte 11.8
6th place:
400 m Ream 55.09
7th place:
3200 Ravin King 10:52 (PR)
200 m Seth Gaerte 24.2

The Wabash boys finished in fifth place.

Jarrett Wilson competing in 4 events and getting 1st as part of the 4×8 relay, 5th in 800, 5th in the 1600 and 3rd as part of the 4×4 relay.

Taydem Harlan getting a PR in the discus while finishing 6th

Cash Carmichael getting a PR in the shot put

A first place finish for the 4×8 relay of Caelan McDougle, Dave Ford, Troy Guenin-Hodson, and Jarrett Wilson.

Jacob France running a PR in the 100, finishing 8th

Zack Reed running the 400 and 800 back to back coming in 3rd in the 400 and 4th in the 800.

Kaden Vogel running a PR in the 3200 while finishing 2nd

Other Apache finishers were

Dave Ford 7th in the 1600 and 8th in the 3200

Spencer Stout 8th in the 300 H

The 4×4 relay of Jarrett Wilson, Zack Reed, Spencer Stout, and Troy Guenin-Hodson finished 3rd

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