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Lady Norse Swept By Madison Grant


The Northfield volleyball team was swept 10-25, 13-25, 7-25 Wednesday by Madison Grant.

Emily Pennington and Hannah Holmes had one assist block. Emily Pennington had one solo block. Eden Hoover had 16 serve receptions and 9 digs. Elli Baker had 4 kills.

#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
1Eden Hoover (So)300.0.021-.500
2Elli Baker (Fr)242.044.490.444
6Josie Lynn (So)341.330.8131.231
10Gabby Haupert (So)320.710.0204-.100
12Ava Copeland (So)331.017.6175-.118
20Josie Weaver (Fr)1.01
23Avery Shrider (Jr)100.0.021-.500
25Ella Hunter (Jr)3.01
28E. Pennington (Sr)300.0.0123-.250
30Allie Weaver (Fr)3
34Hannah Holmes (So)310.39.1111.000
Team Totals3144.78816


#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
1Eden Hoover (So)3923.0
2Elli Baker (Fr)2120.5
6Josie Lynn (So)310.3
10Gabby Haupert (So)3341.0
12Ava Copeland (So)3110.3
20Josie Weaver (Fr)11
23Avery Shrider (Jr)1
25Ella Hunter (Jr)31
28E. Pennington (Sr)3110.3
30Allie Weaver (Fr)3531.7
34Hannah Holmes (So)310.3
Team Totals322157.3
#Athlete NameSPAsstAsst/SBHABHE
1Eden Hoover (So)310.360
2Elli Baker (Fr)2
6Josie Lynn (So)3
10Gabby Haupert (So)310.32
12Ava Copeland (So)31
20Josie Weaver (Fr)1
23Avery Shrider (Jr)1
25Ella Hunter (Jr)351.7331
28E. Pennington (Sr)31
30Allie Weaver (Fr)331.0363
Team Totals3103.3794

The Northfield JV Volleyball team had an unfortunate loss against the Madison Grant Argylls, 14-25 and 24-25. Avery Shrider had 3 kills and 5 points including 1 ace; Kirsten Rife had 1 kill, 3 assists, and 7 points including 1 ace; Jojo Drancik had 3 blocks and 2 assists; Camryn Kuhn had 2 kills and 3 points including 1 ace; Sam Powell had 4 assists; Emma Warnock had 2 kills and 3 points including 1 ace; Josie Weaver had 1 kill and 1 ace

To view photos of the match click on the picture

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