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Results from North Miami for Tuesday, February 21st

In the second to last home game of the regular season, the North Miami Warriors had hopes of continuing their recent effort into competition against the West Central Trojans. Both teams have had their share of struggles this season and both are looking to score an upset on the other team. JV battled in a close game the whole 28 minutes, and the Warriors were able to pull it off in the end with free throw conversions and defensive stops, leading to a 46-41 victory for the Warriors.

Lake Musall had his second consecutive 20-point performance putting up 22 this time and the team as a whole defended well in the second half. Varsity got off to a slow start, down 14-5 after the first, but put up 21 in the second quarter to take a one-point halftime lead. The second half brought a lot of exciting action as both teams continuously went back and forth and couldn’t pull away with a large enough lead. With under a minute to go, the Warriors forced the Trojans to make free throws, and some misses helped NM. Brayden Binnion hit the game tying layup with over 5 seconds to go, but a “buzzer beater” jump shot from West Central gave them the victory in the end. The words are in quotes because everyone in the gym thought it was questionable whether the shooter had the ball still in his hand when the buzzer sounded off. But the call was made, and the Trojans pulled off the 62-60 upset. Landen Hunt piled in 24 points in the effort, Jake Riley had 16, and Brayden Binnion had 11 (3 of his last 5 games in double figures). The Warriors now have to turn their attention to Thursday, Senior Night, when they host the Caston Comets for the final home game of the season, starting at 6 pm.

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