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Manchester Tennis Sweeps Rochester


The Manchester tennis team defeated Rochester 5-0 Monday.


1 Sarah Kerlin (11) vs. Ella McCarter(10) Man 6-1, 6-1

2 Myla Crozier (9) vs. Rily Holloway(12) Man 6-1, 6-1

3 Bethany Penrod (9) vs. Rylee Clevenger(10) Man 6-1, 6-1


1 Delani Henderson(12) vs. Audrey Bolinger(10) Man 6-1,6-0

Carleigh Blevins (11) Olivia Bailey(9)

2 Addison Brubaker (10) vs. Elizabeth Weaver(12)Man 6-0, 6-1

Hailey Krom (11) Taylor Howard(11)

RESULT: Win 5-0

RECORD: 8-0 (4-0 TRC)


1 Kate Schroll (9) vs. Danielle Borg Man 6-1

2 Chase Blevins (9) vs. Kaedra Shook Man 6-2


1 Katie Jenkins (10) vs. Danielle Borg Man 6-0

Ella Bradley (10) Sohpie McCall

6 Emilee Manns (12) vs. Lola Brady Roc 2-6

Citlali Quiroz-Alverez(10). Kaedra Shook

RESULT: Win 3-1

RECORD: 9-1 (4-0 TRC)


2 Marley Bellinger (10) vs. 3 Sophia Anglin (10) Marley&Ava 6-5

Ava Baker (10) Haley Betten (10)

4 Lexi Nichols (9) vs. 5 Alexa Weaver (11) Alexa&Carrie 5-3

Maggie Onderko-White(9) Carrie Hoffmeyer (11)

Isabelle Anguilm(11) vs. Audrey Sanson (10) Kate&Audrey 6-3

Chase Blevins(replay) Kate Schroll(replay)

Singles: Katie Jenkins vs. Ella Bradley Katie 3-2

Manchester tennis rolled over to Rochester and ran away with another strong victory giving up only 8 combined games in the 5 varsity matches for a 60-8 total score. “Our team really played well, and several of the games we lost were due to me requesting our girls try something new or take risks using new strategies,” remarked Coach Eichenauer. Coaches Nikki Briner and Eichenauer shared several observations and analysis: Sarah Kerlin has progressed into an all court player with multiple ways to beat opponents. Myla Crozier knows how to play aggressive tennis as well as defend and lock into consistent points. Bethany Penrod is so fun to watch as she glides across the court playing instinctively and showing off her natural talent. Both doubles teams again dominated with great serving, pinpoint returns, and excellent strategy. They are communicating well and setting up their partners for winners at the net. Delani Henderson continues to lead by example with fantastic footwork and shot control. Carleigh Blevins adds that extra punch to the ball to give opponents trouble. Addison Brubaker and Hailey Krom are creating incredible topspin on their shots with high caliber serving which earns them easy point victories.

Manchester varsity improves to 8-0 on the year and 4-0 in TRC play.

Manchester JV also proved the better and deeper team as they notched another win moving their record to 9-1 and 4-0 in TRC play. Kate Schroll took a break from varsity doubles to work on her singles game and won 6-1 while Chase Blevins continued her weekend singles success by winning again 6-2. Katie Jenkins and Ella Bradley quickly won their set 6-0. Rochester replayed a doubles match while several Manchester players paired up to please the crowd with some very close, competitive games.

Manchester hosts powerhouse Fort Wayne Carroll on Thursday at 5pm.

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