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Outside The County-Huntington North


Results from Huntington North for Saturday, December 9th

Qtr 1Qtr 2Qtr 3Qtr 4OT 1OT 2OT 3OT 4Total
Manchester VAR Squires11121722000062
HNHS VAR Vikings13131316000055
3* Ethan ZahnG2/111/41/71/26077402060126:20
4Brodee SwaidnerG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
5Tony DeckerG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
10Grant CampbellG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
11* Zach NashG7/195/112/82/318549204021232:00
20Titus SchultzG0/10/00/10/0002200000006:02
21Sam DoubleG/F2/81/31/52/27134402010019:00
23Blake ShewardG0/00/00/02/2201100100108:12
30Isaac GroggF/G0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
32* Asher ChipchoskyF7/97/90/00/414448302020124:47
33* Dalton HusbandF2/42/40/00/04268402022128:47
40* Blaine FreiburgerF2/62/40/20/04202302010114:52
Qtr 1Qtr 2Qtr 3Qtr 4OT 1OT 2OT 3OT 4Total
Manchester JV Squires111389600047
HNHS JV Vikings415715900050
3Ben RothG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
4Gage ByerlyG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
5Tony DeckerG1/10/01/10/0300020000004:28
10* Grant CampbellG4/81/33/51/2124610200021232:00
11James LinkerG0/40/30/11/2102210100007:13
20* Titus SchultzG3/92/41/54/811000100070024:11
21Norman WilkinsonG1/61/30/30/0201130001009:48
23Gavin SillsF0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
30Isaac GroggF/G0/30/20/12/42235302021327:26
32* Henry TuckerF3/83/80/03/69156303021123:01
42* Parker SatterthwaiteF/G0/10/10/00/00022000030110:56
44* Wes HotchkissF4/74/70/02/410527101011020:57


HN Wrestling go 2-5 over the weekend at the NE8 Duals at New Haven

Friday night results
Vikes 18-52 East Noble
Vikes 19-54 Belmont

Saturday results
Vikes 34-48 Leo
Vikes 65-15 Columbia city
Vikes 45-30 Dekalb
Vikes 19-55 New Haven
Vikes 27-48 Norwell

Undefeated for the weekend, 132 Sawyer Teusch 7-0
150 Luke Teusch. 7-0

126 Patrick Flowers 6-1
155 Devin Spencer 5-2

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