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Results from Huntington North for Saturday, January 6th

FINAL VARSITY BOYS’ BASKETBALL SCORE – Huntington North-72 Southwood-65

The Vikings gain another in the win column. The boys came out with a burst of energy as Asher Chipchosky scored the first 6 points of the game. Huntington North found themselves up at halftime by 7 points, 28-21. The Vikings managed to keep the lead throughout the game, although they were outscored by Southwood in the fourth quarter. The final score was 72-65 in favor of Huntington North.

Senior Zach Nash had an outstanding performance this evening and was one assist shy of a triple double. He shattered his previous career high, putting up a game high 32 points tonight with 11 rebounds and 9 assists. Asher Chipchosky, senior, came through with 15 points. The Vikings had another good rebounding night; out rebounding Southwood 34-24. Aside from Nash’s 11 rebounds, Freiburger and Husband contributed 6 rebounds each.

Thoughts from Coach Thompson:

“Vikes did a great job continuing to improving within the system. 3 in a row! Keep it up!”

The Vikings are back at it with another Conference Game on Friday, January 12th at Columbia City.

3* Ethan ZahnG3/93/50/43/49000004010330:51
4Brodee SwaidnerG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
5Tony DeckerG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
10Grant CampbellG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
11* Zach NashG11/187/104/86/83211011309070130:36
20Titus SchultzG1/40/11/30/03101104000216:52
21Sam DoubleG/F1/10/01/10/03213100000013:53
23Blake ShewardG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
30Isaac GroggF/G0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
32* Asher ChipchoskyF7/117/110/01/115101201010325:11
33* Dalton HusbandF1/41/40/04/66426300010126:15
40* Blaine FreiburgerF2/42/30/10/04426303030116:22
42Parker SatterthwaiteF/G0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
44Wes HotchkissF0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP

FINAL JV BOYS’ BASKETBALL SCORE – Huntington North-43 Southwood-40

3Ben RothG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
4Gage ByerlyG2/31/21/11/26011100000215:18
5* Tony DeckerG2/91/41/54/49516303030025:06
10Grant CampbellG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
11* James LinkerG2/82/40/40/04167203040026:27
20* Titus SchultzG1/60/21/41/24167001030114:00
21Norman WilkinsonG1/20/01/20/0301100001005:38
23Gavin SillsF0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
30Isaac GroggF/G0/00/00/00/0000020001005:35
32* Henry TuckerF6/94/72/21/215134001030121:18
42Parker SatterthwaiteF/G0/30/20/12/22235203020116:09
44* Wes HotchkissF0/20/20/00/00022000000010:29
45Nate BowmanF0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
20Ethan JohnsonG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP
40Parker DaughertyG0/00/00/00/000000000000DNP

The Huntington North freshman team defeated Southwood 57-12

Parker Daugherty – 17 points, 7 steals/deflections, 3 assists

Nate Bowman – 12 points, 4 steals/deflections

Braden Buckland – 8 points, 10 steals/deflections

Ethan Johnson – 7 points, 7 steals/deflections, 3 assists

Jackson Garrott – 4 points, 8 rebounds

Record: 6-2

Conference Record: 2-0


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