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Day Two Of National League Tournament


The National League Tournament continued on Saturday, 6/15.

The first game of the day saw the Intrasect Technologies Blackhawks against the Wabash Elk’s Lodge Cubs. The Blackhawks jumped out to an early 2-0 lead on hits from Mathis Holbert’s double and Braxten Chamberlain’s RBI triple. Liam Edmond’s single in the second inning did not manage to produce any runs for the Cubs. The Blackhawks added 4 more runs in the 3rd inning with hits from, Mathis Holbert (single), Jayce Kirkpatrick (single), Maddy Stahl (RBI double), Zayne Amburgey (RBI single) and Cale Enyeart (RBI single). The Cubs scored for the first time in the bottom of the 4th inning with hits from Wyatt Selleck (single) and Will Sullivan ( 2 RBI double). With a score of 6-2, the Cubs came back and scored 4 runs to tie the score in the bottom of the 6th inning. Nash Cunningham led off the inning with a double. Ryker Wilcox added to the number of Cub’s hits with an RBI double. Mack Denney and Liam Edmond both contributed an RBI single to push the game into extra innings. The Blackhawks went hitless in the top of the 7th inning. Declan Haupert reached base on a single and Nash Cunningham’s hit drove in Declan for the winning run in 7 innings. Blackhawk’s starting pitcher Braxten Chamberlain pitched 3 2/3 innings striking out 7 and giving up 3 hits. Relief pitcher Zayne Amburgey finished off the game with 4 strikeouts. The Cubs threw 5 pitchers, including: starter Nash Cunningham, who allowed two hits. Relief pitchers: Liam Edmond (2 strikeouts), Mack Denney (1 strikeout), Ryker Wilcox (6 strikeouts) and Wyatt Selleck (2 strikeouts).

The second game of the day saw action between the Inguard A’s and the Crossroads Bank Red Sox. The A’s had a dominating performance defeating the Red Sox by a score of 12-1. The A’s jumped to an early lead of 3-0 with hits from Jackson Tait (RBI single), Ryker McKillip (single) and Zayne Huffman (2 RBI single). The Red Sox scored their only run in the first inning off of hits from Carson McKee (single) and Jameson Wallen (RBI single). The A’s added 5 more runs in the 2nd inning. Cruz Long (single), Jackson Tait (RBI single) and Ryker McKillip (3 RBI triple) contributed to their scoring. Hits from Jackson Tait (RBI single), Joey Worley (RBI single), Zayne Huffman (single) and Drew Floor (RBI single) helped their team score 4 more runs in the 4th. Red Sox starting pitcher, Jameson Wallen, struck out 3 batters. Relief pitcher Ethan Mahan added 5 strikeouts of his own. The A’s starting pitcher Cruz Long pitched all 4 innings. He struck out 6 batters, had zero walks and gave up only two hits.

The tournament continues on Monday, 6/17, with two games, both being elimination games. The 6:00 game has the Wabash Hardware Giants battling against the Crossroads Bank Red Sox. The 8:00 game has the Kendall Electric Yankees competing against the Intrasect Technologies Blackhawks.

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