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Outside The County August 22nd


Results received from Outside The County for Monday, August 22nd

Oak Hill Lady Eagles beat the Logansport Berries in 3 sets improving their record to 4-3. JV also won in 3 sets with an overall record of 2-1. Oak Hill will play Wabash Tuesday night at home. The JV game will start at 6pm with V to follow.

Tippecanoe Valley cross country Saturday. A little rain to start the morning off with. Did not seam to discourage the runners at all.

Chesnee Miller had a good day. Finishing 7th in 21:06

Bailey Bussard also had a good day finished 39th in 23:51

A big highlight was the 2 freshman girls. McKenna Lowe 47th in 24:25
and Ava Minx 49th in 24:40 the hard work is paying off. Senior Talia Holder also inproved from the Goshen meet by a minute.

On the boys side Sophomore Eli Sterk 22:25 inproved from The Goshen meet. While Freshman Gavin Leininger 24:27 is starting to get a feel for Cross Country and could possibly start closing the gap the Eli by mid to late season.
Isaac Whetstone is a little sore and had a good run just not what he is capable of at this time.

The Valley girls could not generate an offensive threat last eve against Northwood who scored 4 goals in both periods on their way to an 8-0 dominance of the Lady Vikings.

The Northwood strikers and middies generated 20 shots on goal versus Valley’s single attempt by senior Jessica Brito.

Jetta Hughes had 11 saves in goal.

A bright spot of the match was Valley girls hung tough and did not allow the match to end early with a mercy rule 9-0 score, finishing all 80 minutes of play.

Valley falls to 0-2. They are 0-1 in the TRC.

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