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Outside The County-Tippecanoe Valley


Results from Tippecanoe Valley for Tuesday, September 6th

Varsity defeated North Miami. JV lost to North Miami

Unoffical stats


Shepherd: 6 kills, 1 ace

M.Parker 2 kills, 7 digs

Hallstrom: 2 kills, 1 ace

A.Parker 1 kill

Gonzalez: 1 ace, 16 digs

Manns: 6 aces, 7 digs

Fuller: 3 aces, 13 assists


Bussard: 5 kills, 1 block

Wagoner: 7 kills, 1 ace, 42 assists

Costello: 6 kills, 1 block, 1 ace

Smith: 10 kills

McGriff: 6 kills, 2 blocks

Koch: 2 kills, 2 aces

Nelson: 4 kills, 2 blocks

Blackburn: 3 kills, 3.5 blocks

Henderson: 3 aces

Patrick: 3 aces


Tonight the lady Vikings shot a sub par 194 and finished second behind Northridge who shot a 190. The ladies play again Thursday and will try to rebound from a disappointing night.


Lakeland High School scored 9 goals in 72 minutes of action in round one of the Elkhart Tournament to beat Valley 9-0.

The Lady Vikings could only produce 2 shots on goal for the entire match. Short handed with two players on injured reserve, the Lady Vikings played at times with only 10 of 11 available players.

Essie Ward was in goal for Valley and recorded 15 saves.

Valley plays the consolation match against host Elkhart HS who lost a nail-biter on a closing minute PK to Mishawaka high on the main field.


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