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Wabash Boys 6th At Goshen


The Wabash High School Boys Track Team competed in class B in the Goshen Relays Saturday. Class B is the “small school” division – for any school with an enrollment less than 1000 students.

Wabash High School Boys Varsity Track finishes 6th place at Goshen Relays (Boys)

Second place finishers

Coleson Kugler – 100

4×800 relay of Jonas Church, Dave Ford, Kaden Vogel, Chase Howard

Third place finishers

Spencer Stout – 110H

The 4×200 relay of Coleson Kugler, Spencer Stout, Logan Cantrell, Solomon France

Dave Ford – 1600

Fourth place finishers

Distance Medley Relay of Jonas Church, Drew Guenin-Hodson, Chase Howard, Kaden Vogel

Fifth place finishers

4×100 relay of Coleson Kugler, Solomon France, Ty Carpenter, Logan Cantrell

4×400 relay of Chase Howard, Jonas Church, Kaden Vogel, Drew Guenin-Hodson

Sixth place finishers

Isaiah Cordes – 1600

Sprint Medley Relay of Solomon France, Logan Cantrell, Prestyn Jones, Spencer Stout

Seventh place finisher

Taydem Harlan – shot put

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